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This site is designed to support and expand the Hillendale Health Curriculum.

Learning about how your body grows and develops and how to take care of your body is an important part of Hillendale Health class. The following information deals with the changes that occur to a boy's body especially the reproductive system as boys go through puberty. Find information by reading the information below or click on the contents button to look for answers to specific questions.

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Male Reproductive System

When do ejaculations happen?

Ejaculation can happen in several ways. Ejaculation can happen during sexual intercourse when the penis is inside the women's vagina. It can also happen while sleeping. That's what's called a nocturnal emission or a "wet dream." Wet dreams are perfectly normal and are simply the body's way of making room for the newer sperm cells that are constantly being made by the testicles. After this nocturnal emission or wet dream, a boy may wake to find a wet spot on his sheets or pajamas. Remember that only about a teaspoon of semen is released and this is a normal occurrence, which will happen less frequently as a male gets older.




sperm cells



Can semen and urine mix during an ejaculation?

Although males ejaculate through the same opening from which they urinate, these two things never happen at the same time. A valve at the base of the bladder leading to the urethra makes it impossible for urine and semen to travel through this tube at the same time.

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