The Hillendale Museum

Our School was once a museum that offered a unique look at America between the years of 1490 to 1890. A visitor could stroll through the Passage of Time, listening as a cassette recorded narrative brought Verrazano, Cortez, Cabot and other explorers to life in a way no book could. In concert with the narrative, a series of colorful dioramas lit up the darkened Passage, and recreated the gradual but ultimately revolutionary discovery of North America as the explorers themselves experienced it. Lounges furnished in Spanish, French, English and Victorian styles maintained the illusion of a world centered in Europe, moving West.
Note: Information and pictures were taken from a Hillendale Museum brochure.

Hillendale Museum was located off Route 52 about 10 miles northwest of Wilmington, Delaware, it was a hidden treasure just over the horizon. A two-hour tour through the Museum would transport you from today's world of supersonic transcontinental flight to a world where the horizon marked the boundary between the known, and the unknown, unperceived and unimagined... a world where dense fog hid the San Francisco Bay from explorers for two hundred years and the Appalachian chain kept the English tied to the sea as the French outflanked them via the central waterways. At Hillendale Museum you experienced how the diverse North American geography directed the course of history from 1490 to 1890.

Interesting Fact: The Hillendale Museum which is now Hillendale Elementary School has approximately 360 kindergarten through fifth grade students. When Hillendale was a museum no student below seventh grade was admitted.

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