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Welcome to Hillendale's Environmental Education Website. Hillendale Elementary School endeavors to continue its efforts toward environmental preservation and education. Our mission began in the summer of 2013 with a stormwater management project designed to control erosion and flooding issues. Our goal is to offer experiential environmental education.

Since the construction of our upgraded stormwater management system in 2013, we have planted over 600 trees and thousands of native plants on our property, cleared a woodland and forest path, erected educational signage, established a native plant meadow, and have constructed a trail that links these elements together. We have had lots of help and guidance along the way and are extremely grateful to all those that have contributed to this effort to preserve our environment. Special thanks to the E. Kneale Dockstader Foundation for their generous funding of our environmental educational vision. Bob Struble has been an invaluable asset and supporter of our mission and we are sincerely appreciative of his guidance.

To find out more about the Craigs Mill Run at Hillendale Environmental Educational Program click on the panels below.

In 2023 Hillendale Elementary School was recognized by the U.S.Department of Education as a Green Ribbon School. The Green Ribbon Award is an honor for schools, school districts, and Institutes of Higher Education for excellence in resource efficiency, health and wellness, and environmental and sustainability education. This award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of many individuals acting as a dedicated school community.

“The front lines of the battle for nature are not in the Amazon rain forest or the Alaskan wilderness; the front lines are our backyards, medians, parking lots, and elementary schools. The ecological warriors of the future won’t just be scientists and engineers, but gardeners, horticulturists, land managers, landscape architects, transportation department staff, elementary school teachers, and community association board members.”
Planting for a Post-Wild World by Claudia West and Thomas Ranier

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Craigs Mill Run Watershed at Hillendale